Bear Country USA

Things To Do


Things To Do

Parties, Reunions & Corporate Events

Birthday parties
Click here for information on our birthday party packages.
Please contact us at 605-343-2290 or

Do it yourself birthday parties, reunions, or company events
Take advantage of our group rates and allow your group access to our facilities (drive thru area, Babyland area, picnic area, Hungry Cub Café). You can take it from there. We provide the great deal and the atmosphere and you provide the fun.
Please contact us at 605-343-2290 or

Organized private parties and corporate events
We offer basic group rates for organized private parties and events all season depending on availability. We are able to accommodate groups as small as 50 or as large as 2,000. We have an ala carte menu to choose what works best for your group. Possible extras: windowless bus tours, mascot appearances, VIP cub viewing, tattoos, 6,000 square foot lodge.
Please contact us at 605-343-2290 or

Daily Activities in our Wildlife Walk area

While our fun and happy staff strives to entertain and educate our visitors every minute of every day, even they and our animal friends sometimes need a break. With that in mind, there is no way to guarantee your family will be able to catch any or all of these activities. The following activities are subject to change or cancellation at any time due to weather, season, animal mood, employee mood, lunar calendar, stock market condition, global warming, or just general laziness. But take our word for it, we will try to (and usually do) make it happen but our lawyers wanted us to write this dribble.

  1. Download an activity page for the kids to color or a game to play during your visit.
    Click here Kids & Teachers.
  2. Learn interesting facts about our animal residents at our keeper chats, demonstrations, and informative programs.
  3. Get a temporary tattoo for the kids.
  4. Take a family picture with the mascot.
  5. Use our free strollers for the little ones.
  6. Enjoy a cotton candy, cold drink, or basket meal at our Cub Grub Grill.(Not always available early and late season)
  7. Shop in rustic elegance in one of the best & biggest gift shops in the Black Hills.
  8. Catch a ride on the Babyland golf cart with our friendly guide who assists those with mobility challenges. (not always available)
  9. Sit and enjoy the tranquil ambiance of our main patio area surrounded by waterfalls.