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Visit Babyland! - It's our fun and furry way to introduce you to the young of our animal friends, one on one.


“We visited 20 years ago… Out of all my childhood memories I must say Bear Country is by far one of the most memorable!”.

Visitor Info

Visitor Info

We enjoy visitors from all over the world! Learn more about our entry fees, park tour group and motorcoach rates as well as special rates for professional photographers and artists.



Enjoy over 20 species of North American mammals in large, natural exhibits in our drive-thru park on over 250 acres in the Black Hills.



This will be a highlight of your visit. Get out of your car and take a leisurely stroll in Babyland for a close-up view of bear cubs, playful otters and more!

Upcoming Events


4th of July!

4th of July, this is our busiest time of the year, click above to review our suggestions for visitors.


New Babies

In the past Month we have had baby Pronghorn and baby...

Celebrating 40 Years!

Bear Country is celebrating its 40th year of operation this year....

Featured Photos

Rocky Mountain Goat
Dall Sheep
Grizzly Bear
Baby Bear
Mountain Lion
Elk Pen
Timber Wolf
Bear Pen